3-5 yr Ballet &

4-6 yr Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Combo Classes

Magically fun classes designed for our youngest dancers. This class introduces the very basics of ballet, jazz and/or tap. The class will build coordination and fine motor skills in a disciplined but fun, creative and nurturing environment. Books and props may be used as a learning tool. The dancers will learn to interact with other children and learn the basics of dance classroom etiquette such as: staying in their spots, manners, taking turns, how to follow the leader and waiting patiently. 

Dress Code:

Pre-School Classes - 3-5 & 4-6 Years Old

Pink leotard, pink skirt or tutu, pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair should be in a bun and pulled back off of the face. Ballet shoes should be leather, not satin slippers. Footsteps is the best place to purchase the ballet shoes. Please tie the pink elastic in a knot and cut excess elastic from the ballet shoe. Please note that your instructors will cut the elastic from the shoe if it has not been completed.

The combo classes will need the following shoes in addition to ballet shoes:

Ballet/Tap: Black patent leather velcro-buckle tap shoes.

Ballet/Jazz: Black slip-on jazz shoes.

Ballet/Jazz/Tap: Black patent leather velcro-buckle tap shoes and black

                         slip-on jazz shoes.