COVID Policies and Procedures



  • Please use the restroom before coming to the studio.

  • Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early for class. All students will be dropped off and picked up from the back or front parking lot in a drive through fashion as our lobbies remain partially closed to parents/siblings. We may use all emjaez doors for entering and exiting.

  • Once inside the mall, find a pink square and change into dance shoes. Street shoes will go in your dance bag, OR you can leave them in the hall. For our littlest dancers, the parent or guardian will keep the child’s outside shoes and change them when released from class. For Hip-Hop classes, please bring a clean pair of tennis shoes to change into.

  • Once dancers have changed into dance shoes, you will enter the studio, sanitize your hands and find an X to wait on by your classroom.

  • At this time, dressing rooms remain closed. Dancers should arrive dressed and ready for class. For dancers in multiple classes, have your base uniform on and add from there if needed. For any layers of clothing removed, please put them inside the dance bag.

  • The lobby remains partially closed. You can pop in to view your dancer, but I ask that you do not stay for the whole class to prevent a crowded lobby. We found last year, our littlest dancers actually did better in class with less distractions in the lobby and were more focused J

  • No Siblings, Food or Drink permitted in the lobby

  • Masks are HIGHLY recommended for all dancers regardless of vaccination.

  • Masks are required for all adults entering the studio, regardless of vaccination. 

  • Dancers should bring a mask with them in their dance bag.

  • With the changing status of Covid-19 and its variants, the mask guideline will be accessed weekly and can change at any time.

  • Please note that all instructors have the right to require masks for their classes. You will be notified if a class is required to wear a mask.



  • Marked spaces will be along the perimeter of the room and dancers will go to those spots at the beginning of class.

  • NO cell phone use during class with the exception of videotaping for practice purposes. Videotaping must be cleared by the instructor. Students should keep their phones in their dance bags. Keeping cell phones in a plastic baggie is recommended.

  • Dancers will be kept 4 ft. apart when possible. Instructors will enforce physical/social distancing in class. 

  • With instructors in masks and physical/social spacing, we are able to remain hands-on for corrections during class. 

  • Please use the restroom before coming to the studio. If a student needs to use the restroom during class, hands will be sanitized before leaving the room. Please wash hands in the restroom with soap and water. Hand sanitizer should also be used before coming back into the studio. The bathroom will be sanitized throughout the day.

  • If a student becomes ill or says they don’t feel well while they are in class, the instructor or assistant will take them to the office to give emergency contact information, and will then be taken to the "Quarantina Ballerina Room J " (Maria’s dressing room). Parents will be called for immediate pick up. A staff member will wait with the dancer outside of the quarantine room until the parent arrives at the studio for pick up. 



  • Dancers will be released from class into the mall hallway or emjaez doors to be picked up in a drive through fashion. A parent/guardian may also come in the mall hallway for pick up. 



  • Dance bags should have a luggage tag on the outside with first and last name along with an emergency contact number and hand sanitizer- attached if possible.

  • Water fountains are closed, so be sure to bring a water bottle with you that is labeled with first and last name and kept inside your bag. We will have water available for $1. If a student does not have cash, your account will be charged for any water purchased.

  • Keep a mask or 2 in your bag.

  • Yoga mats may be brought in for dancers in 5-8yr and up classes for warm-up/floor work, but it is not required.

  • Between classes, the studios will be sanitized.

  • Acro mats will be sanitized between classes.

  • The lobby area and all bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day with an approved COVID-19 disinfectant.

  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations and pump hand sanitizers are placed throughout the studio.

  • All floors and surfaces will be cleaned at the end of every night with an approved COVID-19 cleaner. 

  • At this time, the dressing rooms are closed.

  • If you have been sick, currently have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how small or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, please stay home and help reduce the risk of transmission. Dancers should be fever free for at least 48 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to class. Please do not send your child to class sick.

  • Zoom classes will continue to be available for anyone that is in quarantine or not feeling well. When possible, please email or call the office 24 hours in advance when possible, to have the Zoom link set up. 

  • Students should continue to practice social distancing at all times in and outside of the studio.