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Location: Lorain County Community College (LCCC)

Stocker Arts Center ~ Hoke Theatre

1005 North Abbe Road – Elyria, Ohio

Saturday, June 15, 2024 

1:30 Show - Arrival Time: 12:30pm

5:30 Show - Arrival Time: 4:30pm


Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Upon arrival at your designated time (see above), with hair and make up complete, Parents/Guardians will bring the students to their assigned dressing rooms (Act 1 - Act 2) and change into their first costume. If your child has any Medical Conditions that may require attention whilst in our care or are carrying any medication with them, please notify an emjaez staff upon arrival.

We ask that males dropping off a female dancer do not enter the girls’ dressing room due to females changing and that females dropping off a male dancer do not enter the boys’ dressing room due to males changing. To help with dressing room assignment, please know the song title and # of your child’s dances. If you have dances in each act, you can keep both costumes with you and transport after the first act if needed. Dancers with quick changes will be assigned a helper and will have a designated room to set up their costume.

* Parents/Guardians will have 30 minutes backstage with their dancer after arrival time and then the badge rule goes into affect. While backstage, dancers will be placed under the supervision of the class helpers. Students will remain backstage for the entire performance and are not permitted into the lobby or auditorium, including intermission.

To limit the traffic backstage and for the safety of our dancers, Parents/Guardians will not be allowed access backstage on show day without a badge after drop off. No exceptions to this rule.
I encourage Parents/Guardians of the middle school age & up children to sit back and enjoy the show. For the Parents/Guardians of the younger children (2.5-5), you might feel comfortable getting a badge just in case you might need to go backstage. This badge allows you backstage access, however we ask that you stay in the audience during intermission. To request a badge, please turn your name into the office by Wednesday, May 22nd. Badges will be available for pick up in the main office the last week of classes. There is to be no exchanging of badges between parents. If there is an emergency and a Parent/Guardian is needed during the show, there will be an announcement for you and you will be escorted backstage.
Badges should be returned to an emjaez staff member after the show or the studio during summer hours.

Release Procedure

After the finale, the Tiny Dancers through level 2 will be brought back to the dressing rooms where one Parent/Guardian will be allowed backstage to pick up their child. The Level III & up dancers will be released into the main lobby or to meet their families. If you prefer your child to remain backstage to be picked up by a Parent/Guardian, a written request should be submitted to the main office by Wednesday, May 22nd.


Early Dismissal

For the safety of the children, dancers will remain backstage throughout the entire show, including intermission. We prefer that all dancers stay for the whole show and participate in the excitement of the finale. If for any reason a child must be taken out of the show early, you will need to turn in a written letter to the office by Wednesday, May 22nd for your child to be placed on the early dismissal list. Parents/Guardians will receive an early dismissal pass, prior to the show. At the show, to sign out your child, a Parent/Guardian will need to report backstage to security, where you will be required to present your pass and sign an early release waiver. This procedure is in place to ensure every child’s safety. Please note that emjaez staff may know you personally but the backstage crew does not. It is very scary to have someone come in and ask to take a child out without any advanced notice. For the safety of the children, NO child will be released without an early dismissal pass. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. Please do not take time away from our security that are working hard to keep your children safe, by disputing or arguing this policy. Security WILL NOT release a child who is not on the early dismissal list. Requests must be turned in by Wednesday, May 22nd. NO

requests will be granted on dress rehearsal or show day. Thank you for your help in keeping our children safe and happily dancing"



To keep the dancers occupied, please pack a few items that your child can have backstage with them. ex: coloring book, crayons, reading books, iPod/iPad, electronic games, etc. Be sure to label everything. Outlets are available. What NOT to bring: markers, paint, slime, toy guns, water guns, nerf guns, swords and the like. There are no mirrors, so it would be a good idea to bring one with you. The emjaez staff will have first aid kits, makeup and anything else you may need. There will also be helpers backstage monitoring the rooms, taking children to the restroom, etc. Please note: emjaez Dance Studio is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or left behind. For the safety of our dancers, Parents/Guardians will not be permitted backstage at any time, including intermission without a badge.

Food/Drinks (Show Day Only)

Due to LCCC’s guidelines and the limited amount of time spent at the theater on show day, NO food or drink is permitted backstage or in the dressing rooms at any time with the exception of water. LCCC has a strict policy in place for this! Please eat before coming to the theater and celebrate after."
For dancers in both shows ~ There will be tables in the main lobby for dinner break. Please be respectful and courteous of the space by discarding of any garbage.

Audience Etiquette

  • In order to run a smooth and professional show, there will be no entering or exiting the auditorium during a performance. Out of respect for the dancers on stage, if you must leave the auditorium, you will be asked to refrain from doing so until the dance that is on stage is completed.

  • Enthusiastic applause is encouraged; however, excessive calling out of a students’ name can be distracting to those around you.

  • All cell phones and electronics should be turned off or silenced.

  • Children should not bring handheld electronic games or other devices with sounds and/or lights that could

    be a distraction for other audience members.

  • Children must remain seated for the entire performance. Allowing children to run around or otherwise

    disrupt the performance is disrespectful to other audience members and our dancers on stage.

  • Absolutely no standing in the back or on the sides of the auditorium to watch dances. Please have tickets

    available for re-entry into the auditorium.

  • For an organized release, at the conclusion of the show, the audience will be asked to remain in the

    auditorium for a few minutes until the students are escorted to their dressing rooms for pick up.

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