Tap is an expression with your feet. From the American culture of “Broadway” tap to a more grounded style called rhythm tap, students will learn it all! Our tap classes are designed to provide students with a solid curriculum of the fundamentals of tap, with a strong emphasis on style and execution of steps, building a tap vocabulary and performance. Students will learn the foundational steps that will take them from one easy sound to multiple rhythms and making music with their feet. Influenced by greats such as Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly, our tap teachers our dedicated to taking each tapper to a performance level that is strong in technique and entertaining to our audience.

Tap Dress Code:


Black, pink or brown leotard, tank top or sports bra; black, pink or brown leggings, or spandex dance shorts. NO LONG PANTS.

Ages 5-7: Black patent leather velcro-buckle tap shoe.
Ages 8+: Black jazz oxford tap shoe. Split-sole shoes may only be worn in Tap III and up classes, but must be cleared with the instructor.
Boys: Black nylon warm-up pants or sweats and black, brown or white t-shirt. Shoe requirement is the same as listed above.

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