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Whether you're watching the latest music videos or popular TV shows such

as “So You Think You Can Dance”, “World of Dance” and even “Dancing With The Stars”, hip-hop has become one of the most popular and demanded dance classes. In this class, you will learn the latest moves to the latest music. This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, popping and locking. The feet are grounded, the chest is down and the body is kept loose so that a dancer can easily alternate between hitting the beat or riding through the beat style. Hip-Hop involves flexibility and isolations (moving a certain body part independently from others). Hip-Hop is very rhythmic with a lot of emphasis placed on musicality and being able to freestyle. All music in all classes will be age appropriate.

Hip-Hop Dress Code:

Comfortable dance attire and clean tennis shoes or combat boots. Please be advised that although you do not need to purchase dance shoes for this class, at show time you will be responsible for purchasing new uniformed tennis shoes/combat boots to match the costume. In order to keep our studio floors clean and sanitary, please bring hip-hop shoes with you to class, as outside shoes will not be permitted in the studio.

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