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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre goes beyond a dance/technique class to teach students to be expressive and use their imaginations on a whole new level. This class focuses on performance, improvisation, acting and being able to think, feel and react on your feet.  Through various improv and acting exercises, students are able to take their dancing to new heights as they learn to use their dance technique to perform from the inside out.


Musical Theatre plays a huge part in this class’s curriculum to combine the joy of dancing with the art of story-telling, allowing students to portray characters and step into the world of acting and dancing together as an art. This type of class has the potential to help students with speaking in front of an audience and getting them to think on their feet.


While musical theatre assumes the level of the class to be equal to the student’s technique level, this class does not teach jazz technique. Jazz fundamentals are a must, therefore students must currently be enrolled in a jazz class or have previous experience.

Musical Theatre Dress Code:


Black, pink or brown leotard, tank top or sports bra; black, pink or brown yoga pants, leggings or spandex dance shorts. Black split-sole slip-on jazz shoes. (Tan jazz shoes may be worn if you have them from last season).

Boys: Black nylon warm-up pants or sweats and black, brown or white t-shirt. Shoe requirement is the same as listed above.

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