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Location: Lorain County Community College (LCCC)

Stocker Arts Center ~ Hoke Theatre

1005 North Abbe Road – Elyria, Ohio

Tech/Dress Rehearsal – Friday, June 14, 2024


Dress Rehearsal is Mandatory. Only extreme circumstances will be approved and must be submitted by email to Mary Jo by Wednesday, May 22nd. Anyone absent from this rehearsal will not be permitted to perform in the show, unless approved prior by Mary Jo.

3:00pm – (1:30 Show) ~ Please arrive at 3:00 (No early arrivals please), change and be ready to start at 3:30

6:30pm – (5:30 Show) ~ Please arrive at 6:30 (No early arrivals please), change and be ready to start at 7:00

emjaez team will be in the lobby ready to greet you and direct you where to go. We will do our best to stay on schedule. Please keep your schedules free and clear of conflicts for these 2 days so that our dancers can focus strictly on the show and stay stress-free. Everyone has worked very hard and deserves full attention and commitment to these days.

Why a Dress Rehearsal?

The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), lighting and being onstage. Lighting, music cues and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that the students and staff feel prepared. Even more importantly, it gives the stars of our show a chance to get up and rehearse on the big stage – a very different environment than they are used to within the studio walls. They can overcome some of the jitters that may hit when the bright lights come on and really prepare themselves for show day. It is a fun and rewarding experience and a great chance to bond with their friends and watch some inspiring dancers as they wait for their turn in the spotlight.

And there’s another big reason why the dress rehearsal is important...One of the main objectives of our curriculum is to teach the spirit of teamwork and commitment to classmates. When dancers miss the rehearsal, the result can be confusion for the remaining students- an absence affects spacing and timing.

Guidelines for a seamless Dress Rehearsal...


We run an organized dress rehearsal. Your help with the process will guarantee a seamless professional rehearsal.

• Please arrive at your scheduled time (see above). emjaez staff will direct you to the appropriate dressing room. We ask that males dropping off a female dancer do not enter the girls’ dressing room due to females changing. We also ask that females dropping off a male dancer do not enter the boys’ dressing room due to males changing. If your dancer needs assistance changing, please find an emjaez staff member.

  • Dancers should change into the costume of the first dance they are in. Since it is a public area, NO

    costume changing shall take place in the auditorium, restrooms or lobby.

  • Once changed, dancers should proceed to the auditorium and sit with the group that is their first dance.

    For the safety of the dancer, no bare feet are permitted in the lobby or backstage. Parents/Guardians, please advise your child of this procedure. Your help and cooperation with these procedures is greatly appreciated. "

  • Announcements will begin when everyone is seated with their groups.



All students will participate in the finale, which will be rehearsed in the studio during the final weeks of classes. After announcements, students will be organized in finale order. Running the finale at the beginning of dress rehearsal will allow students to leave after they have completed their dances if they wish. Dancers will rehearse the finale as it will be on show day. Please note: If you have multiple dances, you may not be in the correct costume for finale. This is OK! Although you will be dressed in your first costume, you will be with your last performance group in the finale run-through. Once the finale is rehearsed, we will begin the run-through of the show. Dancers are free to leave after their dances are completed, however, dress rehearsal will be the only time the dancers can watch the show in the audience. Please make sure to change out of costume before leaving the theater.

Run of the Show

Following rehearsal of the finale, with the exception of the first 6 dances, students will be escorted back to the audience to sit with their first performance class. It is important to stay with their class in the audience so that the show runners can easily locate each group. Dancers will be called backstage approximately 6 numbers prior to their performance and should be warmed up and ready to dance. Dancers will be escorted back to the audience once their dance is completed, or students with multiple dances will go to the dressing room to change into their next costume and then, time permitting will make their way back to the audience to sit with their next class, or backstage if within 6 dances.


Dress Rehearsal Guests

One Parent/Guardian may accompany each student/sibling to the dress rehearsal. Please ~ No siblings or guests. With the advance notice of the rehearsal date given in August, we are hopeful that Parents/Guardians have made arrangements for child care so that they can focus on their dancer’s big day ". Anyone requesting an exception should email Mary Jo ( ) prior to Wednesday, May 22nd.

Video and Photography
The dress rehearsal is the only opportunity for Parents/Guardians to videotape or take pictures during the show. For the safety of our dancers, flash photography is strictly prohibited.
No electrical outlets will be available, so be sure your batteries are fully charged. Tri-pods are not allowed into the auditorium.


Food/Drinks (Dress Rehearsal Only)
NO food or drink is permitted in the auditorium or in the dressing rooms at any time. Water is permitted in the dressing room only! Make sure all bottles are labeled with your dancer’s name. For dancers that are in both dress rehearsals, snacks/food can be consumed in the lobby at the tables provided. Please do not send your child to dress rehearsal with food or beverages that could stain their costumes such as juice boxes, cheetos, or other sticky food and beverages. It is important they have something nutritious to keep their energy up as well as something that won’t stain – this means NO fast food, cheese snacks, chips, etc. Due to many allergies, NO nuts or nut products.

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